Antsy, Anonymous Individual(s)?

Progress is slow but improving. If you weren’t so critical of me making mistakes in the past, I’d be moving faster now. Yes, I’m scared, and yes I don’t want to let anymore people down than what I already have. To preview the predicted sound for you, I will pander to a degree, but not too much because of the new doppelgänger importance of dignity and honor? I intend on entertaining​, but not too much. I tend to go overboard with my emotions a lot and scare people. I can’t be successful if I scare and intimidate people constantly.

When an artist whose music I like starts becoming a bad person off stage, I have a hard time listening to their work after the fact. So I don’t want the same thing to happen to me. Long story short, I still need more time to learn how to be a better person. If I become a better person in life, then I should become a better musician as well. Right?

It’s also going to take at least three months to a year for my body to start showing hormonal changes. I just started the HRT this month, and this post is time stamped. I don’t value my privacy, hack, stalk, and spy away. Just being honest. Uh… my nipples are starting to hurt because of the breastening, and don’t forget that I’m BISEXUAL, AND I NEVER SAID I WAS GAY BUT I INSINUATED IT. “vaStest hoMo Dick nuT” or “Movies That Don’t Suck” is an anagram and Batman & Robin is my favorite movie, but it’s not real, it’s a fictional movie. I know that. KEEP YOUR LOVING PANTS ON, BUT BE READY TO TAKE THEM OFF SOON.

face off