I Already Knew

Before I dropped out of High School I knew I was screwed. That was the year 2000 “Pariah Bury”, and the Resident Evil 2 dream was 2001. I would appreciate a tiny bit of help, everyone else is shocked and I’m not. Keep spying on me, don’t believe the liars. Sure, I’m insecure but I don’t believe that I’ll ever fit in with anyone. I only originally wanted to help people. I did research many years ago to find the best way to get into the record industry. So I already know what to do, but I’m an empathetic softy. I have no one favorite genre of music, but know that I must steer clear of hardcore genres because I might lose my mind. Because I’m a wussy.

Bad movies, video games, and TV shows are constantly attacked by angry people. I identify with these things because I’ve been treated like crap my entire life, by everyone I have ever known. You all know where I live, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Haman’s successor is a big headed, arrogant, faggot alien, transsexual, laundry rag, with swine flu. Knock yourself out, because I’m a sloth I’m not impeding you so yeah. Azazel, Abęl, and Belshazzar aren’t real words, because I’ve clearly made them up just now. I’m angry now and I don’t want to make angry music, I need time to calm down. Fogtag is a real word and the Fake News outlets perpetuate the absurd lie of Tranny Chasers.


Azazel is Laundry is Funny