The (100%) Doppelgänger

Female Impersonator (Drag Queen/Me). 卐⚧←European Nazi Music, from The All White Oreo. I am The Skin Bleacher and Whitener, and the Jorōgumo must have its body back at 100% efficiency again. Public Satanism, 100% Hellraiser Doppelgänger. NO CHOICE. NO RETURN. Everyone is different, but what I have found that works for me is when I maintain my physical fitness and health my singing voice is stronger. It’s easier for me to hit higher notes. Dancing is easier as well, I must say this for obvious reasons. KEEP SPYING ON ME, DON’T BELIEVE THE LIARS.

Kolonji Jawara Brooks X

Morpheus D. Duvall (عزازيل)

The (100%) Doppelgänger

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