Be Patient

Still upgrading my Desktop Computer and Room for my music career. Still pursuing my transition into a Transwoman. My Windows 10 PC must be stable once I get heavy into recording and producing again. The Hacker knows that I have not pirated any software. Out of pocket costs, and working within my current budget for these task. Getting professional piano lessons from someone will speed things along, so I’m going to pay out of pocket for that as well. Acting crazy and deliberately scaring everyone was part of my original strategy. I’m never doing that again, so don’t worry about me embarrassing myself or anyone else again. I opened a version of the Lament Configuration (Pandora’s Box), so I must accept the consequences of my actions. Acting horribly evil and being really mean was part of my original strategy. I came close to producing the result that I wanted, but failed to realize that if one of you decides that something is a New Text Document, it’s a New Text Document and that’s the final word.

I’ve always wanted to at least perform in pornography, and since I am an artist I understand the value of putting time and effort into something you make. So when someone says that something you created sucks, it stings like acid. Critics piss me off because most of them have no talent and can’t create anything but drama and stress for other people. I would need to seek the help of a professional to actually direct a porno film. I don’t view pornography as porn, I view it as art. The Hacker is too busy being racist, elitist trash to realize this. You can’t keep me from being racist and discriminatory towards every race, ethnicity, and social class on the planet. Sex appeal is very important to me, and now after being a dork my entire life I realize that I can use it as a weapon. So yes, I plan on being a Fertile Shemale (Whore) that can impregnate a woman from a or several obvious request. EJACULATION (PERFORMANCE CAPABILITY).

The other reason the hacker is pissed is because they thought that they would’ve got really good dirt on me by now and they don’t have shit. That and they’re horny as hell because they’ve already seen my naked, Fa’afafine, Kathoey, Femboy, Faggot body. There will be a sequel, but not yet because I’m not at 100%. My family sucks balls because they’re not taking me seriously, and they think I’m crazy. My method acting was too good and I would forget to stop my character when I wasn’t online. I have always had a tactical advantage over the typical troll, because they must maintain anonymity and I never attempted it. I won’t do anything crazy like that again because I understand that all of you hate surprises.


Jorōgumo (uneeq fogtag)


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