My wardrobe or fashion style will be and remain Female Cenobite, Doppelgänger, Jorōgumo, a permanent Vampiress theme, and Pigtails indefinitely, unless instructed to do or wear otherwise. Pigtails won’t be false advertising, as it’ll be full disclosure and best represent my immaturity and childish personality. Appearances are deceiving, and this extra #tmi data is not too much information, because I’m​ now aware of how all of you hate surprises.

Currently experimenting with fabric paint, and several projects are taking longer than expected. Luckily my feet are pretty small, so they fit women’s shoe and boot sizes pretty easily. My fully erect penis measures at six inches, so the shoe size myth doesn’t apply to or correlate with me at all. I understand that you’ve already made your mind up, but I must create a security wall for myself and others. I know my behavior better than you do, or think you do. I can’t make the fabric paint dry faster, or these hormones work any faster.


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