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For the record…

For the record, I believe that I should be under lock and key, but I will still actively pursue my music and potential career. One source of a large degree of stress and frustration is the fact that I don’t know what type of music you like. I don’t want to nor do I intend on ever composing any songs that would clash with your musical taste and preferences. My song lyrics must be heavily rescrited as well.

卐←it (Kolonji)

Jorōgumo (uneeq fogtag)

卐←it (Kolonji)

13 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Pinhead:

‘Hellraiser’: The Movie vs. The Book:

Genderbending Hellraiser – A Very Female Pinhead:

The iconic pin-headed ‘Hellraiser’ villain was originally a woman:

Kirsty Cotton is PINHEAD!:


Morpheus D. Duvall:

The Fifth Element (1997):

Hellraiser – What’s The Difference? – NSFW:

I Already Knew

Before I dropped out of High School I knew I was screwed. That was the year 2000 “Pariah Bury”, and the Resident Evil 2 dream was 2001. I would appreciate a tiny bit of help, everyone else is shocked and I’m not. Keep spying on me, don’t believe the liars. Sure, I’m insecure but I don’t believe that I’ll ever fit in with anyone. I only originally wanted to help people. I did research many years ago to find the best way to get into the record industry. So I already know what to do, but I’m an empathetic softy. I have no one favorite genre of music, but know that I must steer clear of hardcore genres because I might lose my mind. Because I’m a wussy.

Bad movies, video games, and TV shows are constantly attacked by angry people. I identify with these things because I’ve been treated like crap my entire life, by everyone I have ever known. You all know where I live, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Haman’s successor is a big headed, arrogant, faggot alien, transsexual, laundry rag, with swine flu. Knock yourself out, because I’m a sloth I’m not impeding you so yeah. Azazel, Abęl, and Belshazzar aren’t real words, because I’ve clearly made them up just now. I’m angry now and I don’t want to make angry music, I need time to calm down. Fogtag is a real word and the Fake News outlets perpetuate the absurd lie of Tranny Chasers.


Azazel is Laundry is Funny

Antsy, Anonymous Individual(s)?

Progress is slow but improving. If you weren’t so critical of me making mistakes in the past, I’d be moving faster now. Yes, I’m scared, and yes I don’t want to let anymore people down than what I already have. To preview the predicted sound for you, I will pander to a degree, but not too much because of the new doppelgänger importance of dignity and honor? I intend on entertaining​, but not too much. I tend to go overboard with my emotions a lot and scare people. I can’t be successful if I scare and intimidate people constantly.

When an artist whose music I like starts becoming a bad person off stage, I have a hard time listening to their work after the fact. So I don’t want the same thing to happen to me. Long story short, I still need more time to learn how to be a better person. If I become a better person in life, then I should become a better musician as well. Right?

It’s also going to take at least three months to a year for my body to start showing hormonal changes. I just started the HRT this month, and this post is time stamped. I don’t value my privacy, hack, stalk, and spy away. Just being honest. Uh… my nipples are starting to hurt because of the breastening, and don’t forget that I’m BISEXUAL, AND I NEVER SAID I WAS GAY BUT I INSINUATED IT. “vaStest hoMo Dick nuT” or “Movies That Don’t Suck” is an anagram and Batman & Robin is my favorite movie, but it’s not real, it’s a fictional movie. I know that. KEEP YOUR LOVING PANTS ON, BUT BE READY TO TAKE THEM OFF SOON.

face off


Hacker Sloth Attack

Vanilla Ice 2.0 is The (100%) Doppelgänger and The Hacker is trying to win the sloth lie or argument, turning me into a snitch. Please stop trying to prevent me from producing rent money, I can’t do that with a nine to five. I already have a keyboard and booklet in my room, and I will learn how to play the keyboard (piano) for music theory understanding and expansion. In spite of me finally being in touch with my emotions and feminine side, I predict that songwriting will still be very difficult for me to achieve because of my immaturity and childlike personality.

I stalled this long because I didn’t want my singing performance to be gay or homoerotic, because most successful pop artists aren’t gay or queer publicly. You’ve all heard my speaking voice. I must transition into an official transwoman first, then calibrate a vocal performance that will hopefully have sex appeal. The Pippi Pyron character that I have developed must represent the real Kolonji, not a falsity or distortion of the real me. Pippi Pyron is a fusion or mixture of Pippi Longstocking, Pyron from Darkstalkers, and Charles Manson. Gay Rights Activism is a number one priority for me, not snitching is a number two priority for me, and bleaching and whitening my skin is a number three priority for me.

A sexually confused, androgynous, bi-curious faggot is what I’m attempting to avoid now. I will attempt to doppelgänger you as much as possible. Once I learn the basics of the current music software at my disposal, I’ll see what type of sound I’ll have. The Hacker is a liar, my current living conditions sucks balls, the hacker knows this fact. It is very difficult for me to be artistically creative here. The Hacker can see my porn, and they know that I’m bisexual. Hopefully some biological women won’t have a problem having sex with a tranny. MAJORITY RULE!

I didn’t waste my time, all of you wasted my time. I learned a lot about you people with all the time that I utilized for myself in preparation for your demands. All of you would’ve been very annoyed with my personality from what you all say are my sloth years. I was more insecure and childish then than now, and I knew that I needed time to learn and grow. None of you realized or cared to understand this then, you wanted to rush me into something that I wasn’t ready for.

#FYI #ICYDK I deliberately gained all of that weight all those years ago to increase my body’s estrogen levels naturally first before I transitioned into a transwoman now today. I also decided to add two to three or more birds to that bold, arrogant, fearless, defiant, hate filled stone. 100% deliberate (Resident Evil 2). All of you must be patient. I don’t intend on making overly weird or troubling music, I intend on making likable music. Leon S. Kennedy is number one, and Claire Redfield is the original file to be copied. I don’t write any of my dream notes in physical journals or on paper anymore. It’s all done with the Journey app from the Google Play Store.

This is my attempt to make peace with the Hacker. Because none of you will help me with my family you’re all gonna have to wait longer for me to emerge. Nevermind 1998 Fallen Azazel, they refuse to take me seriously, a lot like all of you. They’ve all given up on me. I’m struggling to repair my trust and reputation with them, and you all know this and don’t care because you’re the good guys. DON’T YOU WANT MY MUSIC TO BE AND SOUND GOOD? SO F*CKING WAIT LONGER. Songwriting and my presentation will be a new priority for me this time. In the past I wasted too much time on composition, but not this time. I’m not the only kidult (adultescent) living in America. I don’t value my privacy, but I value the privacy of others.

Lazy Spider Sloth

Spider fits The Hellbound Heart’s Hellraiser’s gloves perfectly, Argue with Clive Barker about me becoming a Tranny.